Winter Dresses – Styles to Keep You Warm & Cozy

Want to know how to upgrade your wardrobe for winter?

Here are eight simple tips to help you comb your hair:

1. rich color.
Bright and warm colors, like red red, royal purple or emerald green are nuances to choose from. Wear them with confidence in a 1950 graduation dress or attach a shiny skirt with a darker bodice.

2. large knits.
Knit tops, jackets or dresses are the smartest things to wear this season, but only in soft colors and earth. Cream or beige sweater sweaters with socks and high heels are great ideas for casual winter parties.

3. Accessorize.
Hats are the best accessory of the season. Along with big rings and long necklaces, they must be super and trendy. Large jewelry is the best thing to mix with a nice dress. Big rings look good with any type of clothing and can provide a great look for jeans and T-shirts.

4. The rebel military.
Black clothes, biker, heavy and military are one of the easiest clothes this winter. Wearing a black dress is the ideal choice for a chic evening or New Year’s party. Black dresses look good in every length, but this season, choose a length above the knee.

5. Monochrome
This is a very old trend that will last longer. Mixing black and white in clothing or clothing is a very nice style statement. This fall winter, wear wide black pants with a beautiful white blouse for a professional look or a black / white polka dot dress for lunch with friends.

6. Check and tartan.
This trend only concerns real fashionistas, those who are really brave with fashion. Tartan looks great as an accessory and as a mini dress, but wearing it from head to toe must be provided for Vivienne Westwood.

7. straw.
All street shops that are currently on sale are sequined dresses, especially striped. It is recommended to try to find a dress that is quite unique in this style because it looks very cheap.

8. polished heels.
These are the most chic shoes to wear with winter clothes.

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