The Perfect Outfit For Vacation Minded People

This is the worst part of summer and all you can think of is running away. Some of you will have the opportunity to sail on the high seas, go to the Bahamas, Mexico or even to Greece. So we in the world stuck here, have to work without interruption. When that happens, I just pretend to do it. For example, I like to dress like I’m on vacation. Take the clothes I have now, for example. Right now I like to go to work and go shopping with Bohemian layered skirts and equip them with authentic Mexican sweaters. They say you have to dress for the part you want, not for the part you have. My holiday outfit says this summer and it’s also great for more.

So let’s start with the lucky ones who travel anywhere in exotic places. For those of you who will be surrounded by cold water and warm sunshine, you will need spacious clothes to keep you cool while going from the local gift shop to scuba diving lessons. You will also want to look beautiful too! Wear a Mexican cotton blouse with a strap tied to the collar to release and drop the neckline if it’s too hot. This blouse is very thin too, you will feel great during your luxury vacation. If it’s wet, a ruffled skirt will send a sketch that will make you feel like wearing a bikini. Who cares about humidity when your style gives you freshness from the summer breeze?

Now, let’s move on to those who are stuck in front of your computer, our workstations or who are standing all summer. Well, that’s not because we can’t go too far so we can’t pretend. For example, I add Mexican embroidery, my pleated skirt and sun lotion. Looks like I just got out of an adventure plane in Guadalajara, Mexico. Not only that, I also have many questions about my clothes. My colleagues wanted to know where I bought, how I found the light of my summer, what my vacation plans were for this year and more. I pretended I could and I was almost there!

What other benefits are dressing for work and vacation in the city? Well, if you live in a hot country now (and I’m sure you do), Mexican ruffles and skirts are very light and airy. It is as if you are not wearing clothes and if you do, they will give good breathing up and down. Right now, I can’t leave home without a skirt, otherwise I feel like my legs will melt and I need to take a shower right away.

I know I’m talking about the lightness, tenderness and air of this Christmas outfit, but don’t worry, this outfit is very sturdy. Mexican craftsmen are proud of their clothing and products. This clothing is designed to be complicated in embroidery and sewing, but it is easy to wear. If you are worried that this blouse and skirt is too thin to wear at work, don’t worry. I also have a Mexican sweater and go out for autumn! Both are made with thicker and stronger and very beautiful and exotic cotton.

If you jump from a rocky street in Greece or sit in a cafe next to your house, dress up this summer and get a vacation view. You will feel different, exotic, taken and very fresh. Pretend to wear it with a Christmas look and before you realize it, you will live in a world full of sunshine and summer, whether in the Bahamas or in your garden!

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