How to Choose Shoes to Match Your Prom Dress

So finally you find the prom dress of your dreams and think that the days you shop tirelessly in the shops are over. But then, ahhhhh, you remember that you also need shoes! And besides, you not only need the shoes you like, they also have to match your graduation dress! Don’t be afraid, just follow this guide to find the perfect soccer shoes and you will be finished in no time!

1. Closed toe or toe show

The best place to start is deciding whether you want to put shoes on your shoes or reinforced ends. Pointy shoes look younger, while the closed ends can be very fashionable.

The best way to decide is to generally look at the type of clothing you choose. If you choose sophisticated sophistication and sophisticated prom dresses in thick fabrics like satin or matte duchess, reinforced ends can look very stylish. Whether you choose short prom dresses, princess dresses or thin evening dresses, high heels may be more suitable for your look.

2. heel height

The most important consideration when choosing heel height is probably the length of your prom dress. If you have a long prom dress, you have to make sure that it’s not too far from the floor when you wear it. Many manufacturers make their prom dresses very long, but if you don’t (or if you are tall), you must carefully choose the heel height. If you are tall, try the shoes that you have worn with your clothes to determine the maximum heel height you can have before your dress seems too short for you.

If your graduation dress is too long for you, you might want the dress to be picked up by the tailor. In this case, you must buy your shoes before making adjustments.

Another important factor to consider is whether you will spend all night. If the answer is yes then you might want to consider re-wearing high heels, which can be a real pain (literally)!

3. color

When choosing graduation shoes, you usually have three choices:

Adjust your color with your prom dress

The first choice is to match the color of your shoes with your graduation gown.

You can combine shoes with your prom dress in two ways. You can take with you your dress (or sample fabric from your dress, like a scarf) or buy a pair of white shoes and have them professionally dyed in the same tone as your prom dress.

Silver or gold

It is usually true that silver or gold match any graduation colored clothing, which can make it easier to find metallic shoes that match your graduation attire.

Metallic shoes have the added benefit of adding some additional glamor and can be worn again with other clothes. Choose silver or gold depending on the jewelry you wear (for example, if you wear gold jewelry, wear gold shoes).


Black shoes have always been a popular choice and if you wear black prom dresses, they are probably the best choice. However, while it is generally considered that black fits everything, if you use other colors, black will not be the same or metallic, nor will it match your color. For example, if you wear a bright or sparkling ball gown and wear black shoes, they will attract your attention and will not be coordinated.

4. Make sure they are comfortable

To wear your shoes, use a few times before the end of the ball. This will stretch them and make sure your skin hardens when rubbing.

If your shoes keep rubbing and you’re worried, go to the local pharmacy, where you can use sticks and anti-irritating bubbles to store in your bag.

You can also use gel inserts. These are inexpensive inserts that are between the soles of the feet and shoes, providing an extra level of comfort for your prom.

By making some important decisions about the type of footwear you want before you start shopping, you can filter your research and avoid wasting time. Start with a clear picture of the type, height and color of the shoes you want and you will have the perfect graduation shoes to match your prom dress in no time!

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