Falling Into Autumn – Fall Trends on a Budget

One day, I was driving to the mall, making it nostalgic for falling shopping days. You know it. Take a great Saturday trip to all your favorite shops, with sweater bags and jeans, and maybe a cute shirt or two, stop at the food court with your mother to eat a slice of pizza. It’s days, huh? (Who is with me?)

Well, I don’t know about you, but these days (and deep pockets of Daddy) are missing for me, and new autumn clothes every year are no longer an option. Fortunately, there are easy ways to pick up some of your summer favorites in the fall, and some tips for revitalizing old pieces look new. Keep reading!

dress up

We all know how good it is to wear pleated and ballerina dresses and go for a walk or bike on a hot summer day. But there is no need to keep this dress until the snow melts. Take your favorite summer dress and put it in jeans. Just make sure your jeans are right and your knees or dresses are shorter. Also avoid wearing a very formal dress, whether in style or fabric. Knit sweaters and cotton dresses give the best results.

Wear a turtleneck sweater or other long-sleeved shirt under a dress, or a long cardigan (or both!) And finish the look with a wide belt, which must be seen for autumn. is a feeling of new sensation.

Longer dresses can also follow you into the fall. Pair with a strap on the heel, flat ballerina or even high heels.

One foot up

No need to kiss your mini skirt (especially denim). Wear them with a pair of dark pants or leggings, your favorite sweater, and colorful coats to get you through a sad winter. Complete this look with a pair of flat boots, ballet shoes or toe shoes.

Or wear your favorite hiking shorts or cotton capri with textured stocking stockings.

With a collared shirt and jacket on it, you will have clothes that are perfect for work or play.

And if it’s hard to find the right leggings, cut the legs from the old pantyhose and use them as leggings. Cut them so that they reach about an inch below the knee. This is the ideal way to save money while taking items that you already have.


Overlapping your shirt is one of the best things you have. This helps you use more time in the closet and mix all clothes.

Put this summer top on a stand-up collar, or place your favorite graphic tee over the buttonhole. Your pure summer shirt will look good under a knit vest and this top without which you won’t be able to do it without it is perfect for winter cardigans.

Overlap your summer blouse with a tank top or sweater to help introduce the two summer trends with you next season. Wear jeans or wool pants and complete with a pair of boots for a new autumn look.

It’s all about accessories

The easiest way to change the appearance of any clothing is possible to change your accessory. Add a scarf to your favorite short-sleeved shirt or exchange bright, thick summer pearls for gems or thick bracelets. And don’t get rid of your gold jewelry or a pile of gold bracelets. Pair with rich autumn colors, like brown, plum or gray.

You can also use songs that you already have in a new way for the new season.

Take the long necklace and wrap it around your wrist like a bracelet. (This fits perfectly with pearls.) Use tape, or your favorite summer bandana, like a headband. And moving the fat belt from the lower hip to the rib cage can really change the appearance of a set.

Overall, don’t be afraid to be creative!

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