Sabtu, 17 Februari 2018

10 Plus-Size Dressing Ideas for Modern One

Skinny women do not have to worry about the size and style of clothing. They can wear anything and still look good! Women with some extra pounds need to be more careful with their dressing choices. As a plus-size woman, you can not wear too loose or too tight clothes. To make things simple, we've listed ten different tips below, exclusively for better styling and dressing.

1. First thing first, wear your size. Some amazing brands specialize in different types of women's clothing plus sizes, and you can find several options according to your budget and preferences.

Get a shapewear. Contrary to what most women believe, shapewear is not meant to trim your body with some size. The right product will only sharpen your curves in the right way so that the dress and skirt more fitting. You can use a full body shapewear style or choose something exclusively for the middle / stomach area.

3. Play with materials. Texture and color can change many things. Instead of trying the same type of material, try more organic fabrics that do not feature the wrong parts of your body. Lace is a good choice, other than cotton.

4. Select the appropriate prints. Prints can create or destroy a display. Plus-sized women should look for smaller prints that make the display slimmer. You can try small polka dots, flower motifs and even simple prints with small motifs.

5. Choose the right style. Ruffles and peplum styles may not be a good choice if you have a wider waist. A better option is to choose a simple design that helps highlight the perfect area. For example, if you have a slender upper body, the top of the dumbbell can help add more attention.

6. Not sure of the size of the clothes? Reflecting on whether a particular style will look good on you? Well, message two. The online site offers easy exchange and return options, and you will easily return a size that does not suit you.

7. Cover it. Trays, summer jackets, scarves, and shops can be the best way to add passion to any outfit. You do not have to always buy expensive styles. Make sure that you are not overdoing doing different things. It's all about minimalism!

8. Access as you see fit. Do not like to buy a lot of clothes? Want to be stylish in budget? Invest in a set of handbags, jewelry, and other items. Earring and neckpiece statements can help in creating a new look, regardless of application.

9. Be careful with lines. Nice line, provided you wear the right style. Do not go for the broad style that can highlight your body the wrong way. Instead, the sleeker lines work better, and vertical prints always look better on plus-size girls.

10. Finally, destroy your tone of clothes as much as possible. If you wear a long dress, add a belt to lower boredom. You can also try using body jewelry and low piece pieces to keep the glare away from the wrong areas.

5 Most Popular Hair Extensions Type

This is the desire of every girl to look beautiful, and most of the beauty is her hair. Sometimes your hair is what you want, sometimes not, however, extensions are an easy way to get the kind of hair you've always dreamed of.

Currently, some types of extension and extension methods are in practice so that each type of hair gets the best hair extension service.

Hair extensions are basically made from two types of materials: synthetic hair and natural hair. The first has a silicone coat to give them luster but it is cheaper and can not handle heat, while the latter is made of natural hair and can handle almost anything you do on your own.

In this section, we will discuss five common types of hair extensions and how you should treat them by washing, shampooing, conditioning, and drying properly. The more people understand how awesome extensions can be, the more popular extensions will become.

-Tape-in Extensions

The tape-in extension is one of the most common extensions currently in use. They do not take long to be installed and then do not require further visits to the salon for adjustment. This hair tape is glued to both sides of your natural hair using heat. The tape-in extension can easily last for several months with proper care.

However, you should be careful with the use of heavy conditioners because it could cause the extension to slip.

-Clip-in Extensions

Clip-in hair extension is the most transient extension type, if you need to give your hair a new look for function or party, use the clip in the extension and you're ready. The good thing about them is that they can be placed anywhere in the head and are available in all types of colors, styles and textures. Thus making them the best choice that can be put in and taken out in a very short time.

-Micro-link extension

It lasts for several months and is also known as micro-bead extension as it is smeared around natural hair, and finished using a metal bead. Since the extension is looped through your natural hair, you can choose to move the beads up and down to some extent if you want. To prevent the beads off, do not leave the conditioner near the beads.

If the beads are made of metal, they require little heat to be installed, silicon beads do not require heat or glue.

-Weft Extensions

Hair extension of hair applied to and through natural hair weaved with stitching. There are two types of feed extensions available today, wefted hands and wefted machines; The woven extension of the machine is sewn closer to the end of the hair while the wefted extension of the hand is closer to the head.

Anyone can get used extensions regardless of their hair type, but if your hair is very weak, they will not be able to handle the stitches so you can try other methods.

-Fusion Extensions

The most expensive hair extension procedure, but also requires almost non-existent treatment after the extension is installed.

Extensions are tied / attached to the hair using adhesives such as keratin and glue, keratin is now more popular because it is safer. The heat tool is used to blend the tip of the keratin with every strand of natural hair and the whole process takes several hours. You can also choose to have a unified wefts instead of every single strand.

Once done, your extensions are set for four to five months. If you take care of it right and your hair grows very fast, the fusion extension can last much longer.